Monday - Hat Day bring pennies ~ Tuesday - Crazy Hair Day bring nickels ~ Wednesday - Pajama Day bring dimes

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United Way
United Way

United Way is the easiest, best way to give back to the community.  United Way funds dozens of local agencies.  They also provide volunteer assistance, a 2-1-1 hotline for finding help, and other programs that make our community a better place to live.  Each day, they help 264 people.

That's why Griffith Elementary supports United Way each year by running a student campaign.

This is a good opportunity to show our kids what caring for the community is all about.  During the week, we will have fun activities for the kids to participate in to raise money for United Way.  At no point will your child be asked to solicit    door-to-door.  We encourage you to talk with you child during the week about how the money they are raising will go to help others in our community who need it most.

Last year we raised $992.11, this year our goal is to raise $1,000.00!  Here is what we have planned for the Week of October 20th - 24th:

Day Activity What to bring
Monday Hat Day Pennies
Tuesday Crazy Hair Day Nickels
Wednesday Pajama Day Dimes
Thursday The class with the heaviest money jar will win a tootsie roll party Quarters
Friday We will make fleece blankets during lunch recess to donate to the local nursing homes, hospitals or the children's home. Dollars
Good Apple Award
Nominate employees, partners or volunteers for Good Apple Award
All schools and support centers are encouraged to participate in the Good Apple Award recognition program. This bi-annual award program was established to honor employees, volunteers and school partners for exemplary service. Nomination forms are available from the district’s website or from building principals.
Nomination deadlines vary by school, so consult the principal where the nominee works or volunteers. Principals must select their award recipients and notify Marketing and Communications by Friday, November 7 at noon.
In addition to building-level recognition, the Board of Education will honor Good Apples during a special ceremony on Monday, December 1 at 6 p.m. at North High School. The Spring Good Apple Award ceremony will be on Monday, April 20 at 6 p.m. at Stucky Middle School.
Screen for Success
The Wichita Public Schools invite you to attend a FREE “Screen for Success” screening.  If you have a child age birth to five (0-5) who is having difficulty walking, talking, seeing, hearing or learning call 267-3535 today to schedule an appointment.  The staff will assist you in the identification of any special concerns your child may have and in locating resources to meet those needs.  Some of the upcoming screening dates and locations are:
    September 11th –   Westlink Church of Christ
                                10025 W. Central
    September 26th –   WSU Speech Language Clinic
                                5015 E. 29th North
Things to Remember
  • Breakfast is served to students at 8:30-8:50 AM.
  • Students not eating breakfast may enter the building through Door 15 by the library) after 8:45 AM and head straight to the gym.
  • Our morning assembly will start at 8:50 AM. 
  • Students arriving after 9:00 AM will need to enter the school through Door 1. They will need a late slip from the office before joining their classes after the assembly. 
  • Parents coming to school after 9:15 will need to use the security entrance by using the buzzer. 
  • Parents may drop students off in front of the school by going northbound on Bluff. 
  • There is no parking in this Drop-off Zone area. Please AVOID Skinner and Funston both before and after school. 
  • Buses will be traveling southbound in the back of the school building. We have heard many positive comments so far about how this change has helped the flow of traffic and want to thank you for your efforts.  


School Finder

School Finder helps parents
locate the right school


A new program on the district’s Web site can assist parents and school staff to find the correct neighborhood school. School Finder,, can look up any address within the district boundaries and find the school assignment by grade level. Parents can also find the distance between the residence and the school and if the student qualifies for bus transportation. The site shows a map to help parents develop a safe walking route if the student does not qualify for a bus.  

Schools can also use the program to answer parents’ questions about which school their child should attend and if they qualify for a bus. The data is pulled from the district’s scheduling program that develops bus routes. 

“It’s an easy to use tool to help our families and our schools,” said Fabian Armendariz, Transportation Director.  

A link to School Finder is under the “Parents” section of the Wichita Public Schools’ Web site.  

Pure magnet schools are not listed in School Finder because they do not have a neighborhood address. For additional questions, contact Student Records and Enrollment Services at 973-4498.

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